You can have the
rock-solid career,
the marriage,
the motherhood,
all of it - without
burning yourself down.

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Life Transition Coach for Women

You can have a
rock-solid career,
the marriage,
the motherhood,
all of it - without
burning yourself down. 



Work with me




Life Transition Coach for Women - Allison Hare specializes in personalized coaching that empowers clients through life transitions, fostering resilience and confidence in navigating challenges like career changes, parenthood, and midlife crises.

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Sound Familiar?

Your Friends episode would be called "The one who does it all." 

You love your family vacations, but you still come back to the same grind.  Something has to give.

You're realizing there's more to you than your achievements.

It doesn't have to be this way anymore.

You CAN fully be there for all the

moments that time can't take away!✨ 

After 20+ years in a career that no longer felt inspiring, I finally got the courage to figure out how to get back on track. I explored a bunch of conventional and unconventional paths (read: crazy sh*t) to find answers. 

I've figured out a fresh approach that's helps my coaching clients reawaken their most important relationships - including the one with themselves.

Now it’s my mission to help you do the same (in a lot less time).

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Hey! I'm Allison

Your Coach

Let's break down the tired, old approaches and replace them with modern ones that will work better for you.


  • Having it ALL, including your energy and sanity.
  • Feeling cared for while you are caring for everyone else.
  • Being able to prioritize the things you want without guilt.
  • Stop sleepwalking and having energy that fuels you.
  • Being able to catch yourself before experience a tailspin.

40 Simple Ways to Add
 Energy to Your Day

It's time for you to
doing it alone.




This has given me more perspective
about what really matters and helped me
see the imbalance I was creating.

- Danielle L.

This has given me more perspective about what really matters and helped me see the imbalance I was creating by focusing too much on certain aspects of my life. I recommend it for any mom who also works and has many things to juggle: it is a gift to self that radiates positively to all of your relationships.

Only a month in and it has
already been life-changing! 

- Melissa e.

The connections and the number of light bulbs going off has been incredible. I’m feeling that spark again and can’t wait for more to come!

The Effective Collective Mastermind has brought me clarity and intentionality.

- Jessica M

This has brought me more joy, more production to every area of my life, clarity on what I want to do, more focus and clarity at work, and given me more strength and confidence to say no. I can now carve out time and this has helped my family get closer.

Allison is incredible at what she does. 

- Yasiris Torres - Photographer

(PS. I am booked for the entire month of April because of what I have learned with her)

I have seen crazy results, and with her help, have achieved my goals month on month in my transition. 

- Elyssa Freund

Without her, I definitely wouldn’t have found my motivation to go after my own classes again, better organize and have a continual plan of growth!

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I'm your big ol’ permission slip to live the way you always wanted to.

Let’s be honest,
what we need most in a society of “can’ts” and “don’t's”
is someone telling us we CAN.

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