Am I allowed to feel this good?

After stumbling on a dance class called Reb3l Groove at age 45 (with no dance experience), I felt like I was struck by lightning.

Not because I picked up the moves quickly (I still stumble all over myself), but because I felt an intense rush I had never felt before.  It was at the height of my burnout and I was so used to feeling so run down.

I became so addicted to that feeling, that I became a dance fitness instructor in six months, got AFAA and CPR/AED certified in the hopes that I could gift this feeling to anyone who was in a similar place and needed an outlet.

Want to try it yourself? Go fir it! Try it for free for 30 days, cancel anytime.

WHAT IS this dance stuff anyway?

Oh cool! I want to try it

I interviewed the co-founders of REB3L in episode 73.


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